Which RAW Processing Software do you use for better outputs

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Re: Which RAW Processing Software do you use for better outputs

None of them or all of them.

The reality is that people get really tied up in choosing and then promoting "their" raw processing software, and sure, I have as well (I dislike Adobe raw conversion software and prefer Nikon NX-D or Capture One), but frankly, it's mostly irrelevant. The better thing to do, that nobody talks about, is working on improving *you*, as in, getting *better* at post processing, which means not only the raw conversion, but what you do afterwards. Learning how to sharpen with restraint and based upon the output medium, learning how very subtle adjustments in photoshop will make vastly more difference than any difference in raw conversion software, the list goes on. I don't like Adobe raw conversion software, as an example, but if you forced me to use it, I could, and still get really, really close in quality as what I get today - it might take me longer, but I could do it, because I know that the primary factor in getting "better outputs" isn't the brand of the raw software, but *me*.

Think about that for a bit...


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