Quite a Drop in Posting Rate - Any Opinions?

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Re: Quite a Drop in Posting Rate - Any Opinions?

xpatUSA wrote:

PhotoPro1 wrote:

You post so much in the forum and the insane attention to pixel peeping and mundane focus on things that are not important and the lack of posting of great images are reason why I don’t come to the forum anymore. All the great photographers that used to be involved in the forum have left and moved on. The forum is boring now. That’s my honest opinion, like it or not.

How provocative.


You only have to precede that with "I think that..." to put it into perspective. Is it worth your finding it "provocative"?

On the bright side, you have garnered a post, and we know what he thinks. Of course, we may never get to see him post some "really great images", so that's vapid.

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