Will Fujifilm be next?

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The camera industry has been compacting for years. Konica was purchased by Minolta who was then purchased by Sony and now look at where we are.

Olympus' camera division will be owned by Japan Industrial Partners, a company that specializes in making failing companies profitable and selling them.

Panasonic with it's huge resources could pick up the remains gaining expertise to make there already excellent micro 4/3 bodies even better. While Panasonic already has a strong set of micro 4/3 lenses Olympus makes some terrific ones that frequently wind up on Panasonic bodies. The combined lineup would make there light weight system a top seller. This scenario would be a huge challenge to Canon and Nikon who's mirror less systems are more a me two that a solution to the weight challenge.

As for risk to Fuji I feel it could be good for Fuji as it's less competition and there large number of bodies will be even more dominating on the display counter at brick and mortar stores. With Fuji's top of the line bodies repeatedly getting kudos from reviewers it will remove the distraction of the top Olympus bodies and those that do look at them will hesitate to purchase Olympus till there is a direction for the brand.



I think you are correct about Panasonic. I snooped around and discover that the Olympus imaging division has filed more patents over the past few years than any other division including medical which has by far the biggest R&D budget. So that means Olympus has been looking at this day and beefing up their patent portfolio to make them more attractive. JIP views this IP as an investment and I expect they would be willing to sell some of it off and I think Panasonic might be interested since it would short cut their R&D and give them access to the technology. Olympus was extremely good at image stabilization which might be an important technology. How it shakes out will be interesting to watch.

Interesting enough the last time I was down a Sauls shot, Johnson Imaging, in December Saul told me that the Olympus and Panasonic equipment was jumping off the shelf with young kids moving on for something better than their iPhones. He also said Fuji had remained about the same to a little decline. Olympus and Panasonic were his only growing products because of the youth. Given I've known the little butt head since he was a 10 year old snot nose brat running around his dad's shop he often pings me about my sensor years while I often ping him about him still being a snot nose brat. But what he said is I think true - the young guys love the Oly and Panny because it is small with quality much better than a phone while the old farts (like myself) are clinging to Fuji.

I suspect in the over all scheme of things this sell will not impact Fuji one way or the other but it will in the long run be good for the camera market.

I've seen a lot of woman go for M4/3 as they can put the camera with a couple of little primes in there peruse.  Fuji works for this as well.


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