Af mode of choice when shooting moving people?

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Re: Af mode of choice when shooting moving people?

solamnus wrote:

So was just thinking about this today when i watched a wedding shooter that shot walking couples. I have shot a few weddings and shoot portraiture a lot, and sometimes of course people moving. But i never really figured out what worked best or found a preferred method to use as a goto, but just use AF on 3D follow on my D4 and ai for the face then use back button focus and let that work naturally. Sometimes its great, but i sometimes feel there might be something more accurate in the settings perhaps that i might be missing out on that someone being a master of that could give some great hints about how to use better.

So what would be the best settings on a Nikon to use, how many af points, what af-mode etc to nail focus when someone is moving towards you or a similar situation to get good results as many times as possible?

/Cheers, Martin.

I use constant focus mode using d9, hold shutter to focus.  Back button would work fine too, but I feel redundant as you're already going to be using the shutter button anyway, presumably already held at the half position.  You're only making it slightly more difficult.  I only switch to the back button when doing MF.

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