Replacement for the dreaded Mercury batteries

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Re: Replacement for the dreaded Mercury batteries

Overrank wrote:

elmo wrote:

When I sell a camera that uses the standard Mercury cell, I include the following:

Battery NOT included. A battery is not needed for manual exposure control (you can use the Sunny 16 technique, or use a light meter app in your phone). If buyer desires to use the light meter and/or auto exposure mode, a plan will be needed to substitute for the no-longer-available 1.3v mercury cell. Best solution: I recommend the MR9 adapter sold on Ebay by pratedthai, currenly $22.50, for use with SR43 silver oxide 1.5v cell. This changes the size and reduces the voltage, and, the silver oxide cell has long life, and a proper discharge curve, for consistent results. Cheap solution: Use a 625A alkaline 1.5v cell. It's the right size, but high voltage and poor discharge curve will give imperfect metering. This would be unacceptable for picky slide film, but, for the high latitude of negative film most commonly used, the error may not be significant for most users. Results may be best by adjusting the camera's light meter downward (for ISO 400 film, set the meter closer to ISO 200). Easy solution: Use a Wein MRB625 cell. It has the correct size, voltage and discharge curve, with a lifespan of about a year (this is shorter than other cell types). Other solutions: Make your own cheap and easy size adapter (Google it). Then, use an inexpensive 1.4v zinc-air 675 hearing aid battery for very close exposures and good discharge curve. Or, use 1.5v silver oxide SR44 / 357 or alkaline LR44 / AG13 / A76 cells, and adjust the camera's light meter, as noted for the cheap solution, above.

You can get a silver oxide 625 ( I use these in my Nikon F which has been converted to the right voltage.

OK, good. That will give a proper discharge curve, which is half the battle with the 625A alkaline cells.

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