Will Fujifilm be next?

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Re: Will Fujifilm be next?

TonyGN10 wrote:

"This is sad for Olympus but good for Fuji. One fewer competitor."

JIP would appear to be a well established Japanese private equity firm (established in 2000) that specialises in buying poorly performing divisions from large corporations, then sets about managing its acquisition in a new way, usually by: reducing overhead; streamlining supply chains; and, or refocusing/re-aligning product lines. It will do all or some of these with the aim of improving its profitability and then, in due course, try to sell it off for a profit.

So until it becomes clearer how JIP manages Olympus, I'd say it's a bit premature to say Fuji now has one less competitor.

Making Olympus m43 cameras profitable again is not the goal of the new company. This is not how these companies work---their goal is to make profits by reselling the asset, but not preserving the original business. That is what "refocusing/re-aligning product lines" means. Everybody, including Olympus itself, knows the need to "reducing overhead; streamlining supply chains." Don't think the new investment company, without any expertise in the digital camera field, can turn around Olympus m43 cameras. Mostly likely it will change the imaging operation into something else related, but not continue to innovate and produce m43 cameras and lenses. But even the negative publicity from such news is enough to reduce Olympus as a potential competitor to Fuji.

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