Recommendations for long term storage: RAID or ??

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Re: A copy, by itself, may or may not be a backup

a_c_skinner wrote:

Backup is a strategy. Without the strategy it is just copies of your data. As ever you devise strategies to meet plausible threats and the less plausible and the less catastrophic the less you prepare to meet them.

That's actually a nice summary.   I think the thing that derails most people is their laser focus on avoiding disk failures, hence the obsession with RAID.  But in my experience as a home user disk failures actually aren't where I've had my issues.  My most frequent cause of data loss has been user error, and I've never had an internal disk fail in well over 3 decades.

Disk failures were a big deal when I ran a datacentre because of the uptime requirement and because the sheer number of drives involved.  So of course we used RAID.   But that sure as heck didn't stop us from making backups as well.  They were crucial because our most frequent need for data recovery came from - you guessed it - user error.

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