A few Huawei P20 raw using ON1

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Re: A few Huawei P20 raw using ON1

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It would be a surprise for you to find out how many details actually exist in the RAV file from P20
In your photos, details are missing or blurred beyond recognition.

The right is what I see from DPR web, the left is my PC image viewer at 100%. I don't know why DPR display blow up the image 200% or so. I suggest yo download the image to your PC and view it there. Also note that you are looking at a 50mp image.

Counter-question — where does the huawei p20 have so many megapixels???

I also take pictures with the huawei p20, but the images are clear and detailed:


RAW is working on full data - and from big sensor. There is limited DOF because of this. Lens wide open cannot be equally sharp on close and distant objects. Even shooting mid-distance (4-5m) you see objects in great distance (close to infinity) less sharp. That is physics and can be partially solved only by multi-shot pic which subsequently can sharpen slightly OOF (DOF) areas, or correct for some lens deficiencies.

In fact, the title of the topic indicates a specific phone model and we are talking about processing specific pictures from a specific phone. I don’t understand what you want to prove with your comment? And what does the DOF have to do with it, since it's not about him ...?

The message OP was sharing:

....I was surprise on
how much detail exist in those 40mb images....

and your first comment was:

....In your photos, details are missing or blurred beyond recognition....

This is what I am talking about - low detail and DOF - which causes slight blur with objects at different focus distances. The bigger the sensor is (HUA P20P has big sensor), the more bright lens you use (AV 1.8) and closer to the main object (focused) you are, the more you can see this effect. DSLR and likes can eliminate this with stopping down AV 2 stops or more - unlike the phone which has no variable aperture. It means that best detail is where the lens was focused and areas closer or farther away from this distance are less sharp. This may be advantage when you want less DOF and blurred background (portraits - with optical DOF, not calculated) and disadvantage with e.g. macro or sceneries with mix of close objects and some distant. If you want them to be equally sharp then you have little chance achieving this with big sensor. More or less only smaller phone sensors can do.

If you look closely at different areas of pics OP posted (focus distances) then you can see that low detail is related to DOF - as at some focus distances details are perfectly OK and at others not that much.

Okay, I see that you still won’t let the author respond to the topic, and then continue to vainly explain the principle of operation of any optics. Your theoretical knowledge is priceless The question was simple - why do the pictures presented in the subject have such disgusting quality, although the author writes that he shot in RAW?

Did u even download the images to view on your PC? Here is a shot from Panasonic GX9 PanLeica 12-60 and Huawei Raw. One is 20mp and another 40mp viewed at 100%, can you tell which one is more disgusting? I have 4 camera systems and other than a bit over (default sharp setting ) processing from ON1 raw, the output from Huawei is certainly not "disgusting" when compared with output from Panasonic, Fuji, Sony A7 or Samsung nx500.

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