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Re: Color Space - Shooting and Editing
  1. NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

I'm aware of the differences and limitations of the 3 color spaces: sRGB, Adobe RGB and ProPhoto RGB but in order to be editing in the higher color spaces, do we also need to shoot in Adobe RGB?

Currently I am shooting in sRGB but after importing into LR, I export to Photoshop in ProPhoto RGB and save as PSD. Once I'm happy with the result, I'll export to jpg and convert to sRGB to display on web.

I'm curious if I need to shoot in Adobe RGB from the very beginning in order to preserve the color space. Or can I continue shooting in sRGB and exporting to PS as ProPhoto RGB and then convert to sRGB for web? I'm also confused how it's possible to convert my sRGB RAW to ProPhoto RGB PSD if I didn't shoot in a wider color space to begin with..

Raw does not really have a color space.

To be precise it doesn't have a colorimetric color space. Otherwise yes, it really does. 😉

The raw data is rendered to the color space...

Colorimetric color space yes.

...of your choosing as part of the raw conversion process. Until that point, the camera's color space setting only (1) applies to the thumbnail embedded in the raw, (2) applies to any JPEG made when shooting raw + JPEG, and (3) is a tag or indication of preference to the raw converter that is subject to being overridden.

If you are not shooting raw, then a JPEG in Adobe RGB gives you a larger gamut, albeit with a somewhat increased risk of banding.

Also, insofar as you evidently intend to edit, I strongly advise capturing raw (raw + JPEG is fine).

And expose for which kind of data ideally?

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