Replacement for the dreaded Mercury batteries

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Re: Replacement for the dreaded Mercury batteries

Overrank wrote:

davesurrey wrote:

Thanks that's very helpful.

I had a quick look and I think I'll order a voltage converting adaptor with SR43 cells plus I'll try a 675 for comparison.

I have a few cameras plus a Gossen which all need them.

I see there are a lot of adaptors that offer a mechanical solution but don't do any voltage conversion. I prefer to get the voltage stabilised but I read somewhere that the converter adaptors don't handle much current and so (for example) the QL17 Giii LED won't light on a battery test

Thanks again for your help.

I have a couple of MR9s in my Lunasix 3. Oddly they read about a stop over in that compared to Wien cells. When you do the battery test the Wein cells are at the bottom of the test area and the MR9s at the top. I’ve compared the Lunasix to another meter and the Wein cells give the right reading so I just half the ASA in the meter with the MR9s and they’re fine. I’ve never had that problem when I’ve tried them in other cameras though.

there is a special adapter for the Gossen which takes two cells but it’s pretty rare now, I’ve only ever seen them on eBay second hand.

When you say you have a couple of MR9s do you mean the MR9 adaptors or the actual mercury MR9s?

I used to have a Lunasix 3s but now have a Lunasix F and a Digiflash which luckily don't have this issue.

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