Minolta serivice & my new Sony

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Re: Minolta serivice & my new Sony

Sandy wrote:

Strike Sony off your list too if you want a decent repair service.
My experiences with Sony service (actually, there is no such thing)
would make your hair curl. Minolta, although not perfect, have
been courteous, kept me well in touch, done the job(s) and returned
the items within the projected timescales. But that is Minolta UK
and Sony in Glasgow. Sony Heathrow sorted out the Sony Glasgow
disasters pdq. Much depends on the particular service centre and
the individuals to whom you speak. Of course, the company culture
also matters and Sony seemed to be operating through franchises (in
the UK) but Minolta are part of Minolta.

If you go through the various camera forums you'll find highly
critical comments on service, no matter what the make - with just
the occasional posting identifying positives. There aren't many
companies that give generous attention to after sales/repairs - too
difficult to make money out of it I suspect.

My next cam should be anything but a Minolta
Regards, Rainer

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All those companies are so big and we are so small. I know this is a very simple point of view but isn't it true?

You are totally right when you talk about money and as my cam, sorry can speak only for myself, is still under warranty I guess they push it even a little further and repair camaras for which they get payed first.

I did a big mistake buying my cam in a big supermarket and they don't even lend me something for the time without my camara.
Another lesson I learned here, always buy your marerial from professionals.
Regards, Rainer

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