Nokia 808 - a photography miracle

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Re: Nokia 808 - a photography miracle

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It's somewhat true when there is good light...until you discover GCAM.

Once you use gcam, you get a whole different world of jpeg processing which IMO is better than of the 808.

I currently use Mi 10 Pro + GCAM.

No way, I used GCAM on my Note 9 and G7 and its good, better than other OEMs but definitely not as good as the 808 SOOC jpegs.

That's your experience, not mine.

Keep in mind that gcam isn't a one time install and forget. You need to search for the best version and fine the best XML for it. I should have better details on my current phone than a 808. Do you have a link for a 808 jpeg ?

See crops below, from GCAM on my Note 9 that I had and after much xml tweaking etc. I think part of the difference is also the quality of the Nokia 808 lens, that Zeiss lens was in a league of its own, so the difference may not just be processing but the great lens on the 808 also helped. Anyway see crops below, all at 100% so rather unforgiving, I tried to match scale as best possible, but you ca see the fine detail rendering of the 808 is easily better, GCAM on left Nokia 808 on right.

The GCAM looks great but still a slightly plastic/crunchy look when looking at 100%, the fine leaf detail in the top crop, the fine hair on the tennis ball etc in last crop, and the foliage is better from Nokia 808.

I see your point... then again, the S9 isn't in the same league as my current Mi 10 Pro , or even my previous LG V30 in my opinion. Great focus system, but that's about it.
In any case, I was analyzing the full size 808 samples here in DPR.
In ideal lighting, yes, the 808 is stunning. Incredible even.
In any other situation, gcam mostly takes the lead.
I don't think it matched the Mi 10 Pro. The stock camera of the 808 is a lot better than the stock camera of the Mi 10 Pro, but doesn't quite match the gcam results. Edge sharpness looks better on the 808 though , probably the Zeiss lens.
I wish I had an 808 with me to make a real comparison.

Gcam aside, the 808 "destroys" most of today's flagships.  Stock vs Stock.

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