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Re: Working with new 500mm PF

The 500PF is a wonderful lens. You have to hold it to believe how light and small it is. I waited for 1,5 years to get mine.

What 500/4 lens do you use though? I want to add the 500/4E for use with the 1.4TC as a 700/5.6 combo. The 500PF+1.4TC works fine for closer to medium distance, but falls a bit short when you want to reach out a bit further for distant or small wildlife/birds.

The bare lens is great though, even over longer distance, as long as the light does not provoke a certain "glow" which can happen with strong (counter) light.

Enjoy the lens!

81258606 wrote:

I just received my 500mm PF after a wait of nine months. I went with a small camera store in Tucson, AZ and did not order with other stores concurrently. I had to pay for the lens up front and was getting a little worried as the pandemic was putting a lot of stress on small businesses such as camera stores.

I'm 73 years and normally use a Nikkor 500mm f/4 lens with a TC 1.4III. I've used the lens hand-held for almost five years. I'm not a particularly strong person but find the tripod foot to be a great handle and carry the lens without a strap. I think the 500mm f/4 is a terrific lens and works well with my D500 camera.

I was interested in the 500mm PF for those circumstances where I'd do more hiking and for travel where it would pack easier.

I have used it twice. The first time, I added the TC 1.4 III and the second time without a TC. With the TC, the lens seemed to do fine and focused almost as well as my 500mm f/4. Without the TC, it seemed to focus a tad bit faster. My observations of course are completely subjective.

I was astonished how small and light the 500 PF is. I really have nothing new to add to the many posts over the last year or two. Subjectively, I'd say it performs 90% as well as the 500mm f/4. The obvious trade-off is weight vs performance.

I think the 500mm PF is excellent and worth having for the weight flexibility. I use a strap with the 500mm PF.

Two small galleries are at:

Some pics:

With TC 1.4 III

Without TC 1.4 III

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