Photoshop > Filter > Camera Raw Filter limitations?

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Re: Photoshop > Filter > Camera Raw Filter limitations?

I use a pc. Depending on which elements of camera Raw one will use, one work around could be to copy the image twice. Select half of one image using rectangular marquee. Copy selection, save selection. Then new layer (ctrl J on pc), Make only the new layer visible, go to image trim and select transparent pixels. On second copy load the selection from the first copy, select inverse and trim again. Use the camera raw filter on one half click okay, then on second half alt ctrl F for last filter or choose camear raw from top of filter menu..

Select all left image and copy, go to original and paste. Do the same for the second image. Use move tool to move left to left and right to the right.. In the days of much slower pc’s I did this with a large file (6*7 negative film scan) which had slowed the adjustments to a still stand, then got a workable scenario. Nowadays the same file would be a breeze to manipulate.

I do not have a large enough file to hand to try the above out but it worked with a “normal” sized file.

Probably the best is to do what Kaj and Ernie suggested because selections, geometry and so on will not work. Exposure, detail, color and so on should..

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