Does anyone have super-soft extreme corners on their 16-35GM?

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Re: Does anyone have super-soft extreme corners on their 16-35GM?

tonyz1 wrote:

Lan wrote:

poipoipoi_2016 wrote:

But you can see it in actual pictures I like as well

If you look at this one closely, particularly on the left hand side, you'll notice that all features are doubled; which suggests that the problem in this shot is camera shake, and not the lens. Here's a 100% crop of this shot take from the bottom left hand corner:

Note that every detail in the bottom left hand corner has a second copy, that's a clear indication of camera shake.

I think you're putting too much weight into the second photo that is a 30 sec capture. The first one clearly shows de-centering - center is sharp and corners are weaker especially the left one.

This corner is also closer so the added softness seems to be a DOF issue.

The 2.8/24-70 GM lens has some field curvature which is part of the design. Decentering is another issue which is not related to field curvature at all.

Buying a zoom lens and hoping for the same rendering as the very best primes at all focal lenghts is like expecting a miracle - can hope, will never happen...

Yes - the 2.8/24-70 GM is a very good lens, made for heavy use.

Is it perfect? No, not at all. But at least is does not easily get knocked out of collimation after some use like some of the cheaper lenses around.

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