Plane Spotting - Which System to Go with?

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Re: Plane Spotting - a sudden opportunity

arniebook wrote:

For air shows I generally carry 3 lenses with my D500 ... 16-80 e, 70-200 e fl, 200-500 e 5.6. I think I could leave the 16-80 home and get by with the 70-200 for statics and crowd shots, but the 16-80 is small anyway so I haven't tried that, and I have used that 16mm for dramatic statics. The 70-200 may seem short, but it is so fast and sharp, and the relatively small size and weight make it very usable for center stage use where the planes are passing fast and close and banking toward the crowd to show their "top" view. I'm not carrying a mono pod, so it is a big relief to remove the 200-500 for awhile and mount the 70-200. The 200-500 is just a great and versatile long zoom lens, even wide open, and very useful for when planes are further off and coming toward you.

All that being said, the 70-300 has a perfect range, and about the same size and weight as the 70-200.

I think you will find that the DX 70-30 is around a 1/3  of the weight of the 70-200 f2.8.  and the FF version less then half the weight. This was with the excellent image quality of the FF 70-300 one of the reasons I sold my 70-200 f2.8.

I also have a 10-20 which I carried to the last show (fits in my pocket) for statics. I walked around with it some and took some close-ups of weapons hanging on some of the static displays. That little lens was great on my Alaska Land/Sea Cruise last year as well! Light in the pocket, on the camera, and on the wallet too! Really worth trying it for the money.


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