Does anyone have super-soft extreme corners on their 16-35GM?

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Re: Does anyone have super-soft extreme corners on their 16-35GM?

tonyz1 wrote:

Lan wrote:

If you look at this one closely, particularly on the left hand side, you'll notice that all features are doubled; which suggests that the problem in this shot is camera shake, and not the lens. Here's a 100% crop of this shot take from the bottom left hand corner:

I think you're putting too much weight into the second photo that is a 30 sec capture. The first one clearly shows de-centering - center is sharp and corners are weaker especially the left one.

The shot you're referring to may be slightly de-centred, but the key thing it shows me is that the lens has some noticeable field curvature. As you know field curvature is a design trait, rather than a copy variation issue. I'd like to see what happens if the lens was focused for a corner, rather than the centre?

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