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Len_Gee wrote:

THKPIC wrote:

Yes. Just bought another one. I've had 7 of them. It's my all time favorite camera. Nothing matches the modularity it offers. I like it with the EVF and aftermarket grip, but other times I like it without either of them and just the body. The size of the camera and the beveled back screen is perfect for quick execution of low angle shots. Perfect resistance in the screen. Dual switch in back is fantastic. I think the layout is even more genius than my Nikon DSLR's.

It is a classic. Crazy what prices they go for. I paid a lot more for mine, but I know what the camera can do. Everytime I try a system I end up coming back to it. As someone else said, nothing else since then has really taken it's place. Only issue IMO is the C-AF but if you can live with that, you don't need anything else.

Why 7?

Ha. Just now seeing this. Welp, that was over a six year period. First one I handed off and got dropped and dented. Sold it for a new one. Then the second one I sold and moved to Sony. Then third one..moved back for awhile but was still shooting some Sony. Then went Sony but came back for two years all in on Oly. Then bought a few black ones, went NIkon....came back and bought another one.

I think I'm done now.  Unless I get my hands on a limited edition silver one with the wooden handle.

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