wildlife upgrade - alternatives to Panasonic 100-400

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Re: wildlife upgrade - alternatives to Panasonic 100-400

I can only reply with what I plan.  I have been shooting Canon 7D MK II with Canon 100-400mm.  Combination of a !.6 crop factor using a C sized sensor gave me 640mm equivalent.  It was not enough reach for me.  It weighs a ton and my old hands cannot hold it still.  The net result is one in fifty is usable  if I am lucky.

I have bought a GX 8 and a 12 to 60 mm leica/lumix lens to see how  the system works.  I am concerned about the tracking ability of any micro 4/3 compared to the Canon. So my plans are to study which camera has the best tracking in the 4/3rds world and go with that and maybe the new Sigma 100 to 400 micro 4/3rds if it incorporates the Panasonic IBIS with the ILIS of Sigma, which is  due out in July.  With dual image stabilization and considerably less weight it has got to be a win for me.  Guesstimates are the Sigma will be about 3 to 4 hundred cheaper . Any feed back on my plans would be appreciated.

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