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Re: Color Space - Shooting and Editing

Flyer4Ever wrote:

Hi everyone,

I'm aware of the differences and limitations of the 3 color spaces: sRGB, Adobe RGB and ProPhoto RGB but in order to be editing in the higher color spaces, do we also need to shoot in Adobe RGB?

IF you are shooting camera JPEGs, (which I don't recommend but that's another story), then I'd set the camera for Adobe RGB (1998). You have that wider gamut color space (from raw actually) and you can convert to sRGB for it's usage posting to the web. IOW, you get both.

If you set the JPEG for sRGB, that's all you get; you can't go the other direction.

Currently I am shooting in sRGB but after importing into LR, I export to Photoshop in ProPhoto RGB and save as PSD. Once I'm happy with the result, I'll export to jpg and convert to sRGB to display on web.

JPEGs or raw? Because as the last post correctly stated, if you shoot raw, doesn't matter what the camera is set for; raw is raw.

I'm curious if I need to shoot in Adobe RGB from the very beginning in order to preserve the color space.

Need? Depends on all the goals of the image today and in the future. Few of us know (some will arrive telling you they suggest you shoot based on what you'll do with the image and have apparently crystal balls; if so, this topic will again get messy ). Since few really know what they will do with their data in the future, I see no reason to limit that data today with assumptions.

Or can I continue shooting in sRGB and exporting to PS as ProPhoto RGB and then convert to sRGB for web?

ProPhoto RGB indeed IF you capture raw. And yes, that's more ideal, provides the most data and flexibility. It's what Adobe for example, recommends for their images exported from a raw processor:

I'm also confused how it's possible to convert my sRGB RAW to ProPhoto RGB PSD if I didn't shoot in a wider color space to begin with..

sRGB raw?

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