Replacement for the dreaded Mercury batteries

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Re: Replacement for the dreaded Mercury batteries

davesurrey wrote:

A thread on the Canonet QL17 reminded me that I need to get replacements for some of my old cameras that used the now illegal mercury batteries.

I've heard that Wein batteries are good replacements but there are also adaptors on ebay and I wonder how others are using their old cameras that need such batteries,

I'd appreciate any inputs based on real life experience.



You can get little brass insets for a few pounds on eBay which convert a 675 battery to fit in the Canonet.  If you use a zinc-air battery then it's more or less the same as a Wein cell (just cheaper and lasts a lot less time).

Or you can get the  MR-9 adapter, which converts the voltage from a SR43 cell to be the same as the 625.  These are expensive though.

Or you can just use a SR44 in one of the brass adapters and not worry too much about it - the SR44 is pretty stable in voltage like the old mercury ones.  I've done this in a Canonet 28 (which is entirely automatic exposure) and it worked OK.

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