Should I keep separate SD Cards for my mirrorless camera?

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Re: Using ONE SD on Multiple Digital camera

The only way to guarantee cross platform compatibility when using memory cards is to only buy cards that have contacts that have been made from low oxygen copper. I use, and recommend, cards that have been made on the banks of a Skottish waterfall by artesians with strange Nordik sounding names. They are devilishly expensive but are engineered to the highest standards. I use mine to hold ripped LP12s so I can listen to them in the car and I've never had to format a card, ever.

Alternatively you could use cards that meet the design requirements of The SD Association or whatever, which is pretty much all of them. This is what I use for my cameras , which I'm guessing also meet the same design requirements and, surprise, surprise they just work as intended, regardless of the brand of camera I've just parked it in or taken it out of.

This thread has a whiff of The Emperor's New Clothes about it. So, you've formatted your card in camera, taken a bunch of pictures and then what? Do you have to reformat the card(?) before placing it in a card reader? Of course not, you just expect it to read your card.

Standards is the name of the game, the same standards that allow you to fuel your car straight from the pump without having to conjure up a witches brew.

In mitigation, I may have take a drink or three...

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