Do all cameras nowadays really need to cater to videographers? Am I a purist for disagreeing?

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Re: ... it is easier and cheaper to add video "gadgets"

jjz2 wrote:

KariP wrote:

pIt is easy to find great photographs by amateurs, but videos ?

Producing good videos and telling a captivating story takes a lot of work and pre planning. It's good to have a few other people on the team also.

I work on a small team of 4 and I'm usually doing the basic edits like adding in graphics, text coming up, titles, syncing music, working with creative team, etc. There is also the person in front of the camera and the videographer that sends me the files, and the content director that watches it with me and wrote the script, and we decide on cuts and what to add. A good photo? Much less time consuming. Be in the right place at the right time, have a good eye, a little post processing.

Doing a short film? Talking about major time to create and many people involved (usually).

Just depends on goals. A lot of people want hi res vlogs just sitting in front of their computer doing gear reviews though. OK yeah, that doesn't take that much time.

That is what I mean.  It is very time consuming and much more difficult to make a decent video. Boring and childish "home videos" in 4K or 8K are something I do not want to see.

Short iPhone videos  - like 10-15sec - are enough for "normal" use.

Nobody wants to see 10 minute 4k or 8K video clips  - dozen of them - from someones fishing trip ( no fishes)

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