Should I keep separate SD Cards for my mirrorless camera?

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Re: Using ONE SD on Multiple Digital camera

Mark B. wrote:

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Mark B. wrote:

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Mark B. wrote:

It's not really necessary at all. Just format the card in the camera as soon as you insert it (obviously you want to be sure the images have been copied). I've shared SD cards between my Panasonic FZ-1000, Canon 80D, and Canon 7D II.


If you own the card, sure, fire away and do in-camera format.
However, if you HAD used that SD card on other brand camera, be aware those photos will or may not be accessible after the format.

That seems obvious. I wouldn't format unless I was sure the card was already copied, regardless of where it came from and what camera it was going into.

Obvious to whom?

To anyone that's used SD cards?


Nope, don't see the point in doing that. I already know my workflow well enough.

nothing to do with workflow.

Difficult or impossible to pour water into a closed container.

I have no reason whatsoever to move a card from one camera to another unless I'm going to copy the images off of it first, and then format in the next camera it's in.

You made a BLANKET, unqualified statement to the contrary.  What part of my statement do you not understand?

So yes, it has to do with workflow b/c that's how I will work with a card whether it's used back in the same camera or a different one.

Not questioning your workflow, but your workflow is beside the point.

Once it's removed, the images are copied off and it gets re-formatted. Every time.

I have no issue with your practice.  But you ignored the point against the necessity of formatting the SD for cross-camera utilization.  
. . .
at this point .  .  .

good riddance.

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