Recommendations for long term storage: RAID or ??

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Re: A few corrected things

Chris Noble wrote:

afterburn wrote:

RAID is not backup.

Wrong. Many backup systems, on-premise and in the Cloud, are set up as RAIDs.

RAID organized with redundancy only protects against one kind of failure: a disk failure. If a company is using a single redundant RAID system as their sole backup, then they are ignoring a LOT of other risks to their data and woe be their IT managers if some other failure renders the data useless.

It is possible to use an RAID system that's independent of the system being backed up to store backups. In other words, to make a copy of your critical data and store that copy on another independent RAID system.

But without making that distinction it is, IMHO, irresponsible to suggest that RAID "is a backup".

Many backup systems, on-premise and in the Cloud, are set up as RAIDs.

I think it should be pointed out that providers of cloud storage don't provide any guarantees as to the reliability or availability of their services unless you're prepared to pay quite a lot of coin.  The consumer cloud services have no liability if they loose your data, so it wouldn't surprise me if the only thing they do with it is to slap in on a RAID system and hope for the best.  Why spend more money than they need to?

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