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Flappers wrote:

I was talking to a Lady at Wex Photo on the phone and it was mentioned then that the Elinchrom Skyport plus will control the B1, then on chatting to another Tech guy, he told me the Neewer TTL would also control it. I'm trying to get to the bottom of it simply because of the price. £300 for the Profoto, £30 for the Neewer? Anyone have any hands-on experience that can help, please?

I don't use studio strobes at all, but AFAIK, the radio communication is brand-specific, if not model-specific. While nearly everything uses the 2.4 GHz band these days (except for PocketWizards), the radio communication protocols are all proprietary and incompatible. I mean, your microwave oven, baby monitor, garage door opener, wi-fi, and bluetooth all operate on 2.4 GHz, too.

I think what's unclear is what these folks you talked to understood you to mean by "control". If you meant remotely fire, you can typically cable a receiver of any triggering system into any strobe's sync port, and fire from the transmitter. But because a standard sync port (e.g., 3.5mm or PC) has only two connections (sync and ground), the only thing you can tell the strobe to do is fire. You won't have remote TTL, HSS, power, group, or modelling light control, etc. This could be what the phone folks were describing. Hell, by that definition, a Yongnuo RF-603 II transceiver would be "compatible." And give you just as much function: firing in sync and nothing else.

But if you want full control with all the goodies (which is what you kinda paid for with the B1), then you need a Profoto Air TTL. If you want full control over an Elinchrom strobe, you need a Skyport; full control over a Broncolor Siros you need the RFS2.2; full control over an Einstein, you need Cybersync, full control over an AD600, you need a Godox transmitter, etc. etc. The built-in receiver in a monolight can only be controlled by a transmitter in the same system.

Possibly the only exception to this would be the oft-reverse-engineered Canon RT system, which works together with specific monolight models and transmitters from Phottix and Jinbei/Orlit/Westcott. But this is for Canon shooters only, and Yongnuo RT-compatible speedlights may not be compatible in these systems.

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