Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

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No longer interested but...

The latest currently rumored specs make it clear that the G100 isn't aimed at me but I'm glad to see that Panasonic is trying to cultivate a new market for its m43 system.  It kind of reminds me of how I use my m43 bodies.  My GX9 acts as my specialist tool for street photography because it has a lot of features that, to me, make it great for street (compact and discreet appearance, tilting EVF, single-axis rear screen, fast start-up time) while my G85 or G9 serves as the everything else body.  But despite being my street camera, I can also use it in other aspects of my photography.  I could see the G100 filling a similar role for someone who is into vlogging or recording selfies.

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