Recommendations for long term storage: RAID or ??

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What is a backup?

afterburn wrote:


I'll say it again: RAID is NOT backup. It just isn't.

In order to decide if something is or is not "backup", it is useful to understand the definition of the term: a device or action that prevents the negative impact of an adverse and unexpected incident.

There is a very long list of such adverse incidents, and RAID is preventing the impact of only one of those: hard drive mechanical or electrical failure. If this is the only such incident one believes he must consider, RAID may be considered a backup. This, however is poor planning: it leaves one exposed to such multitude of other incidents, that it is not really worth much. Instead of two drives in a RAID unit, two drives of which one is operational in the computer and the other is a periodic copy, disconnected and stored away from the computer as soon as the copy is made, provide better protection with the same amount of disk space.

Indeed, RAID is not backup.

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