Question about the Sigma 500mm f$4 Sport lens

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Re: Question about the Sigma 500mm f$4 Sport lens

I had a similar dilemma last year and decided to go with the Sigma. So far I have taken more than 10.000 shots with and without the TC 1.4 mounted (the Sigma version, I think the Nikon version doesn't fit with this lens, but I am not sure). All I can say after 7-8 months and so many photos, this lens is fantastic. It is sharp from f4 (of f5.6 with TC). Maybe it is slightly sharper on bigger numbers, I read about it, but I cannot see any (noticeable) difference.

AF is snappy and accurate, no doubt. One more thing, I have never had the Nikon counterpart, so I cannot make a comparison with it. But comparing it with some other lens I used to have, it is very fast and very accurate. There are some cases with not so good light when the lens tends to hunt for the subject (even if the focus point is on the subject) but to be fair, in some cases the switch for distance was in the wrong position. In some of them, I can blame the lens, but they are more exception than the rule or pattern of behavior. In all other situations, the focus is spotless. I haven't noticed the behavior of the focus shift in burst mode. When I have a sequence of the same bird in flight, I usually keep only one photo, the best one, and discard the rest of them. Some of them are sharp, some are not, but these soft ones are rather stressed than with missed focus.

Of course, I have a lot of bad photos, soft or with missed focus, but in almost all of these cases, it was me. Not the camera (D500), not the lens either. Many of the soft ones are stressed. When the stabilization is turned off, using it with or without a tripod, is really tricky. Especially on 700mm even with the shutter speed of 1/2000 or faster, it is kind of a matter of luck to get sharp photos. With the stabilization, it is a completely different story, and I keep it on even when I use it on the tripod. As you can see from my photos, my subjects are not so steady, so I cannot afford to aim for more than a few seconds and cannot really compare the different settings with the same scene. If you want to see something particular, please tell me and I will test this case.

I am pretty much satisfied with the lens, but it is me, and as I've already said, I've never had the Nikon version and cannot compare these two. So, without any knowledge and opinion about the Nikon 500mm f4, all I can say is that the Sigma is a fantastic lens, capable of any wildlife situation. For the most missed shots, bad shots, soft shots, I can blame myself and my technique at the first, and then the lens.

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