Recommendations for long term storage: RAID or ??

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Re: Recommendations for long term storage: RAID or ??

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For reasons I need not go into I'm a few weeks off having two buildings a few miles apart both with 1Gbit/s internet connections and I suppose I could have automatic off site and use either one seamlessly. I'd use a second Synology, but in the mean time USB disks will be a lot less trouble.

If you need continuous availability RAID of some sort will help, it would take a day or so to restore that amount of data over USB3, but disk failure isn't the only cause of data loss, actually probably a minority one, so please no one should think it reduces the number of backups needed.

I've not looked at snapshotting. My only concern about it (as opposed to off line duplicate data) is that NASs are common now and I'd worry about people targetting the more popular ones.

Snapshotting can in NO circumstances be used “as opposed to” offline duplicates. Snapshotting like Raid - Is NOT a backup! .... well technically it is, but since it resides on the same spindle(s) as the dataset, it will fail with the drive or filesystem or storagebox.
so you still need a backup even if using snapshots. The advantage is that the need tu restore from actual backup becomes much much more unlikely, and restore speed becomes near instant as opposed to copying files from cloud or external drives.

This!! I work with huge datasets and a backup without a decent way to restore your data is not great. We just spent several days rescuing a dataset that lost it's associated DB catalog due to no maintenance- it was sitting on two hard drives for about 4 or 5 years, while every piece of software associated with it was updated several times and so when someone went back to it, it couldn't be opened or accessed. Had to get the experts involved and dig up some old hardware to get it all updated and restored and it took probably 2 or 3 man-days all told. Very common scenario if you do not tend to your data storage correctly.

I'll have the NAS with RAID 1 backing up my internal working drive/ providing extra storage and that will back up automagically to an offsite location once a day, and then I'll also have a big spinny external drive as onsite auto-backup/ restore option. Although I've not have much luck with the WD auto-backup software in the past hopefully I can get it to work this time.

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