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I had a bad one. Canon replaced it.

Michael Leek wrote:

neilt3 wrote:

Sounds like you've got yourself a faulty lens that needs returning from where you bought it for replacement .

Did you buy it new from a shop with a guarantee , or second hand off eBay ?

Bought new in December.

So it still should be in warranty.   I bought one, took it on a trip and was disappointed with all the images I took with this lens.  I have what I consider to be good copies of the 15-45mm and 55-200mm lenses.  I took comparison shots in my front yard with all three lenses attempting to match the scene with each lens at the same focal lengths.  After doing a number of comparisons, it was obvious to me that my 18-150mm lens was very deficient compared to the other lenses.

I went to Canon's web site and triggered a service request.  At some point I summarized my test procedure.  Canon told me to send the lens in.

I did and they replaced it with a different lens.  The replacement works fine.  It is comparable to the same focal lengths in my other lens now.  So I can leave the other two lenses home now and just use the 18-150mm.


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