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Michael Leek wrote:

Andy01 wrote:

I do not have a 32MP M6 ii, but I am actually quite impressed with my 18-150mm on my M5 - I think that it has pretty decent IQ for a superzoom. Does it compare at 150mm (on M5) with my 100-400L ii at 240mm on 6D ii - of course not and I don't expect it to either. But it is a reasonable compromise that provides a very useful focal length range in a fairly compact solution.

I saw you review of M6 ii where you slated both camera and lenses because of the lenses. You stated (from memory) that the lenses were poor and particularly the zooms, and then stated that (if I understood you correctly) that you had only tried 18-150mm and a borrowed 55-200mm. Perhaps you should try some of the primes and the excellent 11-22mm ?

Also, what are you comparing against ? If you are trying to get similar IQ from M6 ii + 18-150mm as you get from a FF + 24-70L f2.8, it is hardly surprising that you are disappointed.

As others have said, perhaps your copy of 18-150mm is not good and you should try to get it repaired while it is still under warranty ? Might have been better to have dealt with this within the first couple of weeks rather than waiting 6 months though.

Read the other comment here about 18-150mm - generally it is quite well thought of for a compact versatile superzoom.


Not quite as easily to deal with the lens issue whilst the supplier’s been closed due to the coronavirus virus lockdown (as I have, and continue to be).

I thought you said that you got it in December last year, which was 4 months before Covid-19.

Also, it hasn’t taken six months to deal with the problem, just six months to post my review! And I never ‘slated the camera’!

I think (from memory) you gave the M6 ii a 3 star rating, which is not exactly glowing.

Within one week of getting both camera and lens I travelled to France and to the USA, so had plenty of opportunity to test both.

So why didn't you deal with the poor lens issue back then ?

And the reason I haven’t tried the other lenses you mention is because, as per my original post, I wanted a zoom for travelling, so why would I look at non zoom lenses? (The question’s rhetorical, by the way).

Well - how can you state that Canon has handicapped the camera (to the extent of only making it worth 3 stars) because of poor lenses when you have only tried two of the admittedly limited lens range, and none of the primes, which are actually quite good lenses, and you haven't tried the 11-22mm, which is arguably the best UWA zoom (at least for APS-C) available.

I was also not comparing the M6 with a full-frame body.

I think in you camera review you commented that the IQ was much poorer than you expected or were used to, and since you list two FF bodies in your gear, it is reasonable to assume that you were comparing with a FF.

Not sure where you get that from...? The camera was bought on the basis of its spec, plus the review published by DPReview, and because it meets my criteria for a camera with which to use when travelling.

I’ve read all of the replies about both the camera and the lens. The lens may well be ‘quite well thought of by others’, but my experience tells me otherwise.

Perhaps because you were unlucky and got a bad copy (it happens - with every manufacturer). I bought a Canon 24-105L ii a couple of years ago, and it was awful, and I returned it immediately (within a week) for a full refund. I later found out that there had been a recall in 2017 on some of that lens, so it can happen, even with a L series lens.

More importantly - and I’m repeating myself - it’s incomprehensible to me why Canon should produce an excellent camera, but without a range of quality optics to compliment it...? (This question is also rhetorical!)

And I am repeating myself - you haven't tested most of the Canon, let alone other EF-M lenses, so it is incomprehensible that you can make a statement as general as that without actually trying at least a larger sample of the range, and on the basis of trying a potentially defective lens. In the Canon range, the 22mm, 32mm, 28mm, 11-22mm all get very good reviews, and the 3 newer Sigma EF-M lenses all have very positive comments. And yes, I am aware that they are mostly primes, and you wanted a zoom.

Anyway, moving on ....


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