Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

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Keeping the GM5 bodies seems the best solution

rashid7 wrote:

"a compact rocket might be a refreshing change from the ever increasing size-creep of other more recent models."

Yes Tom, lets be optimistic for a 'few' days. I would LOVE it if Pan could pull off a minor miracle. IBIS and a reasonably good EVF in a 'smallsih' body at a 'small' price ?!

What worries me is the rumored price of $750! But maybe, in these hard times, they are thinking; "why intro at hi price w/ the inevitable 25-40% depreciation in a few years?".

Let's put the bait out and see if we can sell a bunch, ha ha

... until my bubble is popped next week )-;

Well - if it is as good as it gets it isn’t going to be cheap.

Small and cheap and I will be as happy as that guy called “Larry” and unlikely to buy as it will be built down to the price it might retail at. .... phew  ... saved by the bell of under-performing, my GM’s can rest in peace with a loving continued working life and an appreciation in value - strange that digital cameras could ever become an “investment”?

At US$750 and “tiny wonder-cameras” I will be sad - sad that this translates to AUD$1,200 and a big investment if I have ambitions of owning multiple copies - no matter how good they might be. Some guys might never be properly satisfied.

The interest might then be for others as all of a sudden there might be a flood of cheap GM5 camera bodies for a while.

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