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Re: Nicest camera to use

Steven Seven wrote:

Trevor Sowers wrote:

I think you missed the sarcasm

His entire comment is hard to interpret. I don't quite understand if he's mocking or praising that camera. The part about "shooting something simple" was even more tongue in cheek.

He shoots extremely well though.  I'll take that as a praise of the camera, or the photog, I can't decide.  *stifles*

I complain about my cameras a lot also, but I like them.  They are my besties.

There are many websites praising certain cameras, and 6x7 is often described as perfect format, so I think he's just mocking them.

There is nothing complex about a MF camera, except for the loading of the film and same lens might have different angles of view depends on whether you use 6x9, 6x7, or 6x4.5, but a 50mm is a 50mm.  Oh, and somehow the same film looks different between 120 and 135.

Of course, if you like the camera, you just like it.  Why should you justify for it?  Love is love.  <_<

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