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tiwane wrote:

Which adapter are you using for the Sony 90mm macro? I tried the TZE-01 with a Z6 and my Sony 90mm macro and it didn't autofocus well at all. While I agree MF is often ideal for macro, I like to be able to capture flighty insects for documentation as well.

But maybe I was doing somethign wrong with the adapter?

I am using the TZE-01 on the Z7 in my case  , the AF is ok when it  works  though it on occasion for no reason I can fathom will just stop responding . Switching it on and off gets it rolling again .I don't think S-AF which is really all that works  is up to catching flying critters with the adapted macro. I think doing it the hard way setting the manual focus distance you want then move yoursef in and out to get focus is probably more successful

There seem to be odd scenarios with some combos I have the wee Samyang 35mm F/2.8 which mounts and AF but the aperture does its own thing and can't be controlled. They did say that they do not support Samyang e-mount lenses but another poster said his was working fine.

I wonder if tiny variations in the TZE-01 or lens mounts themselves are enough to screw things up . Macro lenses are not the fastest AF lenses even on their native systems . I tend to use mainly manual focus so it is not a big deal for me . As Fazal says the automatic focus shift feature is handy but not compatible with the 90mm FE though someone will probably say it is working on their adapter  Hopefully Nikon will get rolling with the Z lens roadmap once the dust settles and there is a native macro on the list

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