Help explain the out of focus

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Re: Help explain the out of focus

wasserball wrote:

Ferguson wrote:

It sure looks to me like you panned.

I said I did not pan. I said it twice. If you have an opinion, share it. But, please don't complicate the issue. Thanks. I googled to see if other photographers have similar issue, Could be lens related? I don't know. Maybe shooting a high f number?

I know.  I read it multiple times, but I also stared at the shot and offered the only opinion I could come up with. Look at just this snippit from the shot.  Look at the 69 -- it's not completely sharp, but fairly so.  Now look down at the roadway, each reflective point on that road has a line that's about the width of the "6" in the number.  That's definitely motion blur. There's simply no way the 69 is that sharp, and the road at the same distance that blurred in a consistent direction, from anything other than panning.

Our reflexes often betray us. After a few years of photography, you do not have to think "pan and follow the subject", it's ingrained deeply in there somewhere. Your conscious mind sometimes gets taken for a ride by your reflexes.  Think how often you click the shutter at just the right spot in a sports shot long before your conscious brain decides "right there".

Now if you were a novice photographer this would have worked fine and you wouldn't have panned.   


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