Help explain the out of focus

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Re: Help explain the out of focus

wasserball wrote:

This picture was taken with the Nikon 70-20mm f2.8 VR (off) on the D600. Please overlook the oil spots in the sky area, but I am puzzled with the fuzzy result. Now, at the autocross event, I wanted to show the car in motion, which I have done many times. The camera setting was at 200mm, manual setting to f14, 1/160 sec, auto ISO at 250. I handheld, but did not pan the camera. The photo was slightly cropped and the resolution reduced on purpose, but that is not why the photo is fuzzy besides the car, which looks good to me. Can you explain why the cones just in front of the car and the background look so fuzzy? The autofocus is in good order, and I did not pan the shot. I would expect the cones to be somewhat in focus since I was shooting at f14.

if you didn't want to pan the camera, then you must have wanted to freeze the action, right?

so the problem is that you used 1/160th shutter speed, which is way too slow for freezing action.

i think that you should keep the settings as they are, and pan the camera, unless you are shooting cars coming out of a turn.

as far as why your shots look like they were panned when they weren't, well, fwiw nikon has a history of parasitic interaction between v.r. and shutter/mirror at slow ss, that results in mushy pics:

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