State of the art NR -- which and how?

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Re: State of the art NR -- which and how?

pforsell wrote:

Robgo2 wrote:

Here is an effort using a combination on ON1 Photo RAW 2020.1 and Neat Image. I also tried Topaz Denoise-AI, but it produced intolerable color blotching, which is its tendency whenever there is massive color noise. I'm not sure if the white balance is correct, but I spent almost no effort on it.

I have NeatImage somewhere, but never seen ON1. The result is almost magical considering the starting point.


ON1 Photo RAW has become my main photo editor, and I use it for everything except HDR and printing. It is very easy to use with a superb UI, and it has powerful editing tools that make Photoshop superfluous for most purposes.  ON1's noise reduction capabilities are good enough for low to moderate levels of noise, but anything above that usually gets a run through Topaz Denoise-AI or sometimes, as in this case, Neat Image. I then open the cleaned image file (TIFF) in ON1 to complete the editing process.

This particular image has so much color noise, that nothing can remove all of it without seriously sacrificing detail.  The DxO PRIME example above demonstrates that pretty clearly.

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