Should I keep separate SD Cards for my mirrorless camera?

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Re: Should I keep separate SD Cards for my mirrorless camera?

James A Murray wrote:

Hello, I recently bought a used Lumix G80 for video use and I was wondering if I should keep separate SD cards for it. I have a Nikon D75000 I use for photography and I've got SD cards for it however I worry that using the same SD cards could cause issues related to formatting such as corruption.

IMHO, either method is OK, therefore, do what you feel is best for you.

I normally don't bother formatting memory cards, just used it fresh from the factory.
While I have at least 8 SD cards of capacities from 2 gig to 64 gig, I sometime use a card on D5100, D5300, D800 and even Kodak EasyShare and Lumix P&S - - - withOUT formatting between use. A 4 gig SD accommodates couple of shots from each camera. Please read the rest before jumping to conclusion.

The camera AUTOMATICALLY create a folder for each camera when a shot is taken with that camera. My Kodak and Lumix does not give me option to display folders other than it's own. SD I used on all the above camera automatically display the pictures in the folder with of that specific camera. I have observed that Nikon D5100 defaults to displaying the photos taken with that D5100 and do not automatically display the shots taken with D5300 and D800. The inverse is true with the two other Nikons. Fortunately,
I can MANUALLY select the appropriate folder(s) to view those shots taken with the other Nikons. I can also select the Kodak and Lumix folders BUT, the photos are hidden.
When I insert that SD card into your computer CD card reader, all the folders on that cards are displayed. I could select each folder to view and display the content. I could download the entire content of the SD card, either automatically or manually, The folder and file structure are preserved. I could override the default to suite my preference.
Memory cards are relatively inexpensive.
Play it safe. Use dedicated SD card to each camera,
On the bright side, you know you can use the same SD card in a pinch and retrieve the files.
There is "quick format" that only breaks the link between the index and actual file. Quick format allows overwrite of the "un-indexed" files.
There is "safe format" which wipes clean the SD card. I use this to recovered the space taken by "hidden files".

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