Should I keep separate SD Cards for my mirrorless camera?

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Re: Absolutely

IR1234 wrote:

It's very important that cameras only use the SD cards that have been used with them in the past. Never swap cards.

Every different camera stores the data very differently which kinda etches the SD memory into a certain way of working over time. So if you pop the card from Canon to Nikon you may well have problems.

I've never heard of any "etching", other than the fact that flash sectors have a limited (if large) number of formatting cycles.

If a card has been "etched" to such an extent that the failures (wearing out) are visible to "other cameras," that card isn't trustworthy to be used in the "first camera."  TIme to toss the card out and get a new one.

If you are just talking about the high-level files stored on a card, reformatting a card after you move it to a new camera takes care of that.

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