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Re: Swapping lenses or taking photographs ?

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Hi guys

Sorry for the repeated q

I am new to photography

I don't do professional work

Would you choose the heavy zoom 16-55

Or the double the price 3 zooms 16 1.4 &35 1.4 & 56 1.2

My camera is xh1

Perhaps not so simple, but it is pointless to recommend something without knowing more of you style , environment, needs , finances. All those lenses are great - but what is your intention ?

I advice starting photography with a new camera with one good zoom. I use primes for special cases that I plan in advance. Like 56f1,2 lens - I take it with me ONLY IF I know I will take some portraits or some special photos where shallow DOF is the whole "artistic" idea.

If I plan a kit for traveling I take only 1-2 zooms with me. I'm not traveling alone and swapping lenses and stopping too often is not fun - especially not for your companion.

In some dusty / windy place I try to manage with just one zoom.IF I go to a place where swapping lenses is terrible - I leave the 1-2 primes home. I remember visiting Venice --- swapping lenses in a crowd close to a canal was like a nightmare.

Evening walk - just E3+23f2 prime in a coat pocket ...

The flip side is travelling with primes can force you to be disciplined about what you shoot and enjoy your vacation more. When I went to Japan, my impulse was to shoot everything. Once I swapped over to the 25 mm or 45 mm, I relaxed and enjoyed things more.

Well,  I started photography with a 50f2 lens  as my only lens and a 35mm film camera  ages ago. Later could buy  some WA and some short tele  to  my bag.  No zooms then.   I think I have experienced  discipline and limitations  etc enough

Nowadays  I just enjoy traveling  when I travel - best travels with a lightweight camera  like  E3 and two zooms (18-55 + 10-24) .  Some photo now and then - and no swapping lenses too often. Or zooming with my feet. More time for traveling and at the same time more time for photography instead of swapping lenses.

In Israel I used 10-24 in Jerusalem and 18-55 in Tel Aviv , almost so     A different lens for a very different place  -  instead of 2 dozen swapping of lenses. But we all have a different intention and a different hobby

Portraits, macro - primes are better

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I started SLR film photography in 1968, first DSLR was Canon 40D in 2007. Now Fujifilm X-E3 and X-H1 for nature, walking around ,traveling/landscapes - fantastic 5DMkIV for landscapes, macro , BIF ... .

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