Help explain the out of focus

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Re: Help explain the out of focus

cosmicnode wrote:

wasserball wrote:

Ferguson wrote:

It sure looks to me like you panned.

I said I did not pan. I said it twice. If you have an opinion, share it. But, please don't complicate the issue. Thanks. I googled to see if other photographers have similar issue, Could be lens related? I don't know. Maybe shooting a high f number?

I agree with Ferguson it looks like you have panned, if only slightly as a reaction when you pressed the shutter. I don't believe the car is out of focus it simply has not been panned correctly or the camera held steadily enough to prevent movement and is blurred. You are moving the camera as you shoot. If you want this effect with those settings put the camera on a tripod and then everything but the car would be sharp,

I have had a re-think and feel this may be a combination of camera shake and VR lens settings. You are basically taking a landscape shot into which a car is being driven. I have during this lock down taken lenses with similar FOV around to take shots of a distant mansion, When framing the image in the viewfinder mover around a lot even with VR at slow shutter speeds using Normal setting would give a reasonably sharp shot. You are at a race meeting and may have VR on set to Sport which is compensating for vertical movement and not horizontal which is why the background is blurred right to left, the car only has a small amount of horizontal. it could be you have a natural tendency to move the camera very slightly right to left when you press the shutter If you shoot with VR set to Normal you may get the effect you are after, Or I could be barking up the wrong tree,

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