Upgrade from Sony A7Riii to A9ii?

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Re: Upgrade from Sony A7Riii to A9ii?

akmtnrunner wrote:

So, I have discovered that I enjoy sports and action photography more than landscape photography (which I first fell in love with and why I got the A7Riii). I have gotten a lot of great action shots with it but I can't help but wonder the advantages the A9. 20 fps vs 10 fps, faster shutter speed, better light-gathering, and even speeding up post-processing with smaller image files sounds nice too.

I am curious of some opinions out there. Thanks.

20 fps, Be careful what you wish for, depending on the sport this means simply spending a lot of extra time post processing and working out what single shot is best of a multitude of sharp shots. I shoot motorsport and have tried much higher frame rates than the 10 of my D500 and find the 10 to be the sweet spot, I also have 18 with AF on my Olympus E-M1.2, but reduce that to 10 also. As regarding to the larger files you have the greater cropping ability when you run out of available focal length. One option is to supplement your current body with a A6xxx crop body which will give you more reach when you need it which at 24mp will be higher in MP than a DX crop on your current body

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