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Ken Croft wrote:

Terrible Photographer wrote:

Ken Croft wrote:

I have just loaded Olympus Capture and as usual with Olympus software I find it just infuriating. Why is using their software never intuitive. I have the Oly M1i and the M1ii. So I connect the M1i, and I see the image from the camera on the computer screen. I look for the zoom button [Oly 12-40 not on manual focus] but I cannot find it. I look for the shutter button. Can't find that either. I go onto the internet and I find an Olympus instructional video. No help at all. And no, I have not read a manual for Olympus Capture because I don't have one. And yet I am someone who thinks Olympus camera menus are excellent and not at all confusing.

Rant over. Help please.

Ken C

This is funny, as someone who has tons of experience with EOS Utility, LR Tether, and Capture One, I think Olympus Capture is absolutely brilliant in its capability and ease of use.

Unlike LR and C1, it always "just works" wether shooting wirelessly or spiked in with a cable

Unlike EOS Utility, you can change virtually everything on the camera from the computer.

It's fantastic!

I would no doubt get to like it too if I could get the image on Live View to look as good as the taken image. But it is just nothing like it. Tell me how to get Live View looking at the very least acceptable.

I am using the cable that came with the camera and maybe I should try Wifi in the slim chance that the cable is the problem. If anyone can be enthusiastic about Olympus Capture then I must be doing something wrong.
Ken C

The Live View feed will always be pixelated, no matter what software/camera combination you use for tethering.

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