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Re: Don't bother with the A99

tbcass wrote:

Maxxum Fan wrote:

tbcass wrote:

You are a very bitter man. Get over it.

You are very complacent so get over that too.

This forum used to be awash with super fans, who sang the praises of Sony. Ha not so much now eh? All gone. I wish it had been different but real world it's not, they company abandoned it's users if you find that "great" then says more about the mindset than I imagined

Dudes on this forum need to man up a bit, and start pushing Sony for a real adapter v doing nothing and just ticking along. I know which one won't work lol

Why bother? A Mount is almost dead and there is nothing any of us can do about it. You can whine and complain all you want but it won't do any good. In the next 10 years, probably sooner, I expect DSLRs in general will be a thing of the past. Film is pretty much dead. The Nikon N1 system is dead. Samsung Mirrorless is dead. Sigma's camera division is on life support. I suspect Pentax will stop making cameras in the not too distant future. It's the price of progress. I'm much happier just using what I have and not caring whether something new comes along. If my last A Mount camera, an A99ii, dies, I will buy another. If not I'll use it until I die. I don't use it much anyway because my Sony RX10iv serves 90% of my photographic needs.

Agreed .

The writing's on the wall already for Canon and Nikon going mirrorless only too , it's only a matter of time before they cut back on their DSLRs before dropping them .

It would be nice if Sony carry on with their SLTs long enough to put out a mk 3 of the a77 & a99 .

But doubtful .

Make the most of what you've got , it's probably as good as it gets .

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