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Re: Olympus Capture :ONEOFONE25 please help.

Yes, thanks for that. I already found it. I think I have just been having a bad day.

At the finest setting the image on the screen is not even remotely like the beautifully crisp image I see of the actual image once taken and saved on the computer. The liveview image is just soft and not nice at all. There is no way I could use it for critical focussing.

My interest in Olympus capture is because of the way I do focus stacking, and it might just be a bit easier working on a computer screen. I am a model engineer and when I take photos of my work I want all parts in focus. My items are small and can easily be fitted in the hand. I use the touch screen on the Oly M1ii and I tap on each part of the item that I want in focus and take a series of images which I then combine in Zerene Stacker. I just thought that it  would be simpler on a pc screen because I can move to each nearest focus point using the mouse rather than prodding and hoping with a finger on the camera screen. But so far live view in Oly Capture is so unsatisfying that I don't think I will bother.

I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled it in case something had gone wrong, but the only change is that I now have the help system working

Ken C

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