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Re: Probably asking in the wrong forum.....

Fotocorn wrote:

Thank you,

Finger problems, I thought I was in the Nikon D500 forum!!

Problem is that I have no idea how long they should last in Live View.

I have always been a Bird/Wild Life fan and hardly ever use Live View.

Now, having limited, mostly no,access to birding areas or wild life sanctuaries, I am trying my hand at macro. Live view has become the norm.

Live View battery usage is the same as when using Video. With a new battery expect to see 60-90 minutes of Live View/Video.

Now with that said most Li-Ion batteries have a 2 year life even if they are used or not. Their capacity drops dramatically after 2-3 years.

I have 6 batteries for my D810. 2 are 4 years old. The camera indicates 0 on the life scale. I put one of those 2 batteries that was fully charged in my D810 2 weeks ago. The camera showed all battery charge bars. I haven't touched the D810 in 2 weeks, powered up the camera 2 days ago only 1 bar battery power bar left. That battery is basically done.

Bob P.

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