Do you use large aperture lenses on your m43 camera?

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Re: The voigtlander 17.5 f0.95

I'm not even sure you guys are talking about the same lens, but I agree that Voigtlander makes really good lenses.

In general, I'd say they optimize for microcontrast over sharpness. Modern lens design tends to do the opposite - optimize for sharpness over microcontrast.

Meaning you can read tiny letters from far away (sharpness), but they'll be shades of grey (lack of microcontrast). Voigtlander lenses do the opposite - optimize to keep adjascent areas as dark or light as they can be, but you can't necessarily read tiny text from far away

Fuji sensors in general - their demosaicing algorithm / noise reduction / sharpening algorithms work against microcontrast. (evidence) - so their lenses, though excellent (the 80mm macro is amazing), probably optimize for sharpness over microcontrast & the sensor or at least the way it's rendered works against you - though it does have it's on version of "3D pop" just not a microcontrast look.

Great explanation!

I learned something i could not define until now.

For me a lens is worth to buy or keep if i like the pictures they give.  I study the lens pools in Flickriver.  Maybe it there are simply better photograpers using voigtlander :-).


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