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Re: G9 Affinity alignment example

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

I don't know if this is of any interest but it was to me. The pictures below of a common spotted orchid which sprung up on my lawn. Well not exactly sprung; the whole plant of which this is the top half was about and inch and a half/35mm high. Normal plants in their usual woodland/meadow settings are up to 10 times that size.

To photograph it with the Oly 60mm meant lying flat on the ground and unusually hand holding or steadying while I produced a 20 image focus bracketing selection. Not surprisingly I made a bit of a mess of keeping steady The first 6 pictures are samples to show the variation, the stack actually used 12 of the 20 original shots. . Not expecting much I ran it through Affinity and was staggered at how well the alignment was achieved. Picture 7 is the resultant stack. Many people may expect alignment like this but it was my first experience with such a variation on the source material. I'm not posting as a great picture , only to show how well the alignment was managed but it's not a bad shot.

I had a similar experience when I was just playing about with focus stacking. Took a sequence of some flowers, just bent over and rattled off a burst. Flicking through the photos showed large movements but Affinity Photo did a remarkable job.

Considering the cost of dedicated apps for focus stacking AP is a no brainer at its modest cost for pixel editing, panos, HDR and focus stacking even without the recent 50% off.


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