Lost my Lumix 12-60 thinking of Oly 14-150?

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Re: Lost my Lumix 12-60 thinking of Oly 14-150?

Max5150 wrote:

I lost my Lumix 12-60 and want to replace it. Considering the Oly 14-150 and the Lumix 14-140 since so many seem to like those as well. This is just for a light weight grab and go on the EM5.3. I have the 12-100 f4 and 12-40 f2.8, plus some primes. So, this is purely a convenience thing.

I was wondering what user experience is in terms of sharpness and rendering have been. Generally, I was happy with the Lumix 12-60 in the specific role it played for me, but a little more reach would be good. The 12-60 I had was sharp enough, but rendering wasn't great. I tend to favor a nice rendering lens and not expecting sub-atomic level sharpness at this price range. I've read previous posts about these lenses. Seems opinions vary quite a lot, so I figured I'd ask again to see if people who have used these chime in.

If you are a wide-angle fan, there is a small but noticeable difference in the angle of view between 12mm and 14mm FL at the short end.
I like wide angle, so personally I would go for the 12mm option.
In day to day shooting I use the wide angle end of a lens Focal Length a lot more than the telephoto end.

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